Need a Moisture Barrier, call First Choice!

Any crawlspace is susceptible to moisture and deterioration problems because of contact with the earth. How to deal with these moisture problems will vary depending on your climate and your home’s construction. However, in the upstate a moisture barrier, also called vapor barrier, is usually a plastic membrane, installed to block the flow of air in your crawl space. The main purpose of the moisture barrier is to prevent the passage of water vapor that is contained in the air. The common material used for moisture barriers in a polyethylene plastic that is 4 to 6 mm thick.
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There are several reasons for wanting to install a moisture barrier, among them:

  • Energy efficiency, better maintaining a controlled climate while saving on energy cost.
  • Prevent the deterioration of the building materials (wood, insulation) by moisture. As we transition into the winter and warm and cold air meet, condensation is formed. The moisture barrier protects against this condensation.
  • Health problems caused by molds.